Coolest Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake

This Flip Flop Birthday Cake was my second cake that I did. It is a 9×13 sheet cake for the base. I then made another 9×13 sheet cake, used a pair of new clean flip flops and made a stencil out of parchment paper, which I placed on the other cake and cut out the flip flops.

The stencil had to be cut down a bit to fit on the cake. The base cake is covered in butter cream, the blanket is made from marshmallow fondant. The flip flops are covered in a coat of butter cream frosting, then marshmallow fondant and the straps are made from gum paste. The letters and numbers are also gum paste, which I made the day before so they would dry and stand straight, they are dusted with edible glitter.

The straps are held in place with hidden toothpicks, and there is a support dowel under the bottom flip flop that goes through both flip flops as well as the base cake.

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