Coolest Flower Pot Cake

I wanted to make a special cake for my Nana’s 80th birthday. She is a keen gardener and that is how I came up with the idea of a flower pot for the cake. The flowers and leaves were fairly simple and were made over a few days whenever I had a little time to spare.

For the cake I used 3 x 22cm round tins. The cake was carrot (mud cake would have been more suitable as it resembles soil but I just love carrot cake) and was sandwiched together with lemon butter cream. I then covered and shaped the cake with white chocolate ganache. Once the ganache layer was complete and set I covered the ‘pot’ with terracotta colored fondant, and made an extra strip to wrap around the top for the rim of the pot.

I covered the top of the pot with dark brown fondant (crumbled choc’ biscuits would have been effective too), and then inserted my fondant flowers and leaves. I wiped a little cornflower over the terracotta icing to give it an authentic terracotta look. I made a fondant ‘tag’ and wrote happy birthday on it, and attached it to the the pot with some rustic looking string and florists wire. I also made the trowel with some left over fondant.

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