My daughter asked me to make her neighbor a birthday cake, he loves gardening so we decided to make him a flower pot cake. I baked 2x 7″ round sandwich cakes and 1x 4 1/2″ sandwich cake. When cooled I started with the 7″ cakes and the top cake was the 4 1/2″ cake. I filled them with butter cream and jam and then I chilled for a few minutes to make it easier to carve the cake into shape. I removed from the freezer and carved them into a flower pot shape.

I then covered with a layer of butter cream and chilled and then covered with another thin layer of butter cream and chilled. Meanwhile I colored some icing in a terracotta color and rolled out until it was big enough to cover the cake. Then I rolled out a long 2″ strip of the same color icing for the lip of the pot and attached this using a little water. I then made a small indent in the top of the cake in the icing for the drainage hole in the pot and colored this dark brown. I then covered the board in a light brown icing and cut out the lettering in white and attached this to the board. Finally I colored some icing in blue and cut out two glove shapes and smudged brown food coloring onto them to resemble the mud from the garden. This was set aside to harden.

Now I colored some flower paste icing in orange and made some flowers and set these aside in flower formers and when they were dry I colored the center of the flowers in a terracotta color. I attached the flowers and then finally pipe iced  some leaves in royal icing.

My daughter loved the finished cake and so did the man who’s birthday it was.