Coolest Flowers Cake

This Flowers Cake is a lemon layered cake filled with lemon pudding and iced with Wilton’s recipe buttercream. I used all shortening and clear butter flavoring for the icing. It makes the icing snow white. It’s important to ice your cake using thin consistency icing.

To make your base smooth – ice your cake and smooth it with your spatula. Let the cake sit 10-15 minutes (do not let it sit longer) to harden just a little. Take Viva brand paper towels (no patterns) and lay it on top of the cake. Rub gently with your hand, and you’ll get a smooth base.

To decorate use medium consistency icing colored in whatever color you want. I used Wilton’s lemon yellow, orange, leaf green, teal and violet. Just add as much as you want to get the color you like. I used a bit to get the darker, brighter colors, because I did not want pastel.

I used flower cookie cutters to make the flower. I outlined the flowers with my colors using the #3 tip. The center of the flower is a large dot using #12 tip. I filled in the flowers with stars using the #16 tip. I used the same same tip to make the stars on the side cake as well.

The stems and leaves were made by the #21 tip. The bottom border was made using the #32 tip. I then used #3 tip to make small dots in the center of the large stars and the top to tie in all the colors.

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