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Awesome Homemade Football Birthday Cake Design

I used the Wilton football pan to make this Football Birthday Cake Design. I made chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut Italian meringue buttercream filling. I baked two cakes and placed one upside down and then added a moistening syrup, then the filling.

I then placed the other cake on top and crumb coat iced it. I covered it with chocolate brown homemade fondant. I cleansed and used my son’s miniature football to press onto the fondant in order to achieve the detail.

Homemade Football Birthday Cake Design

2 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Football Birthday Cake Design”

  1. Hey I was looking through here trying to get some ideas for my husbands birthday cake and I just love the football you did and was thinking about trying to use it in my idea, with any luck it will come out looking somewhat like yours LOL!! I have very made a cake before so Im not sure what you mean by crumb coat if you could please explain this to me that would be great, thank you so much!!


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