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Coolest Houston Texans Football Cake Design

This Homemade Houston Texans Football Cake Design is my second attempt at a fondant covered cake. My first cake was for my son’s birthday and it was a Super Mario theme. It was square with fondant cutouts, its number 73. I was very happy with the results and I had paparazzi! Wow it was an awesome feeling and I wanted more. I had a pot luck at work coming up for Thanksgiving and the first thing you think is turkey, pie, and football. I was thinking of the same thing anyone would, a square or circle with fondant cut out turkeys and leafs that you would expect to see in a magazine or any dinner table. Well not this guy, I had to make an impact I had to take it up a notch on the difficulty and well just show off my newly found hidden skills.

I am not an extreme sports fan, no face paint or weird get up for me. I thought of the home team and went with the logo it looks awesome and though it would be cool to make a cake just like the teams logo. I have a back ground in graphic design; I used to work for a print shop and made my own t-shirts at one point. I used my software to make the logo and print it out on card stock taped it together and cut it out. I made three, one for the foam board base and another for the cake and then the different colors and star.

The cake was the decadent chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. I made some butter cream frosting to dirty ice the cake but I added some chocolate to it. The tips of the horns were too delicate to handle the weight of the fondant so I made them out of rice crispy treats. I am still having a hard time to get an even thickness of the fondant with a large piece. The Houston Texans cake was awesome! And once again I had paparazzi! With Christmas around the corner it’s just another chance to practice.

Homemade Houston Texans Football Cake Design

Homemade Houston Texans Football Cake Design

Homemade Houston Texans Football Cake Design

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