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Awesome Homemade Carved Football Birthday Cake

I made this football birthday cake for my husband’s birthday last year and when he brought it to his workplace everyone was amazed.

How I Made This Football Birthday Cake

  1. I cut a small oval cake board  and then started to carve the cake to make the ball.
  2. When I was happy with my carving I began frosting it.
  3. Next, I covered it in fondant and let it dry.
  4. When the fondant was dryI airbrushed the cake and let it dry once again.
  5. Then, I made a pattern to draw  the name and the stitches on the ball.
  6. I airbrushed the name on with black color and let it dry,
  7. Once dry, I outlined the name with white color, using a small brush to make the name look more sharp.
  8. For the stitches I traced the pattern with a food coloring marker.
  9. After  it was all dry I made the white stitches  with a clay gun and put it on the ball cake.
  10. Finally, I made the grass with gum paste to the look I like.
  11. When the grass was dry I airbrushed it too and let it sit to dry.

That’s it.  Hope this helps you with making a football birthday cake for your celebration.

The cake serves about 35 people.

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