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Easy Homemade Football Cake

This football cake is a simple jello cake. I used a Duncan Hines yellow boxed cake in a 9X13 glass pan. You can also use a metal pan, however with a glass pan you can view the bottom to see if the jello mixture bleed to the bottom, if not add more jello.

I used 2 small strawberry jello boxed mixes, you can use any flavor your family likes. Just bake your cake according to the box directions. Then get a clean sharp knife, insert it in the cake, from top to bottom straight down all over to make holes in the cake for the jello. Prepare your jello mix, then pour warm mixture all over your cake, don’t forget to check the bottom to make sure the jello has bled all the way through, if not just add more jello, then place your un-frosted cake in the fridge overnight.

Remove the cake from fridge then cover entire cake with cool whip, then cover entire base with green sugar sprinkles all over for grass, this will bleed so do this just before serving or you can add more green sugar just before serving. Then place football theme decoration on cake.I got my cake decorations at a cake and candy supply we have locally, they have a wide selection of cake topper and cupcake candies too.

This is a cool Yummy cake perfect for a summer party. My family’s favorite! This can be made with sugar free jello and cool whip which I have done and it’s still Yummy!

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