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Coolest Four Leaf Clover Cake

I made this four leaf clover cake for a St. Patrick’s Day birthday celebration at our church. I used standard heart shaped pans and made a total of 4 heart layers (2 chocolate and 2 yellow). I also put some spare batter in a loaf pan so I could have something to use for the stem. I just cut a wedge out of the loaf pan cake.

I taped two large cake boards together and covered them with foil. Then I put a gold poster board on top.

I frosted each heart individually with regular green frosting before sliding the heart into position. Afterwards, I filled in any gaps with piped frosting and smoothed over the seams with my spreader.

The rainbow and pot of gold are made from dyed fondant. I laid some gold chocolate coins on the cake and draped a black fondant pot over them. Then I rolled strips of each solid color into a long snake and flattened them with a rolling pin before curving them into place on the cake to make the rainbow.

I finished up by piping some dots of a darker green frosting around the individual heart shaped leaves and then using a 21 star tip to make a shell like border around the base. I scattered some additional gold coins around the cake before bringing it to the church party.

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  1. Hello truely love the four leaf clover cake. My wedding is coming up in april and so I was wondering how I might get one of those for my groomes cake


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