Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Cakes

Coolest Holiday Cakes, Photos and How-To Tips

This cake was for my son’s first birthday! We did a St. Patrick theme party but I wanted the cake to be of something he loved. So since my son is a big fan of Baby Einstein I came up with the idea for this cake! It’s an example of how you can make holiday … Read more

Coolest 4 Leaf Clover Cake

Coolest 4 Leaf Clover Cake

I made this  4 Leaf Clover cake for St. Patrick’s Day. I mixed up my cake with green food coloring and poured into two 8 inch pans and let cook and then cool. I trimmed off the top part of each cake and then used a template of a four leaf clover I printed out on my computer … Read more

St. Patricks Day Cake 2

This is my second cake that I have made. I found this design on the web for holiday cakes and re-created it and modified it a bit in Corel Draw. Reversed it and traced it onto wax paper with black icing and rubbed it onto the iced cake. Some lines broke and did not transfer … Read more

St. Patricks Day Cake 3

This is my St. Patricks Day cake. I used the Wilton horseshoe cake pan. I found the coins at ‘Big Lots’. On one side of the coin it says, “get lucky” and on the other side is a shamrock. Then I just used tip #16 for the edges and I used shamrock and green sugar … Read more

Coolest Irish Leprechaun Cake

Homemade Irish Leprechaun Cake

This Irish Leprechaun Cake was so much fun to make. I started out with a 10 inch square cake and cut it into four equal squares. I then topped them and carved them into a tree trunk shape. I used the extra pieces I cut off (triangle shapes) as limbs of the tree at the … Read more

Coolest St Patrick’s Day 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade St Patrick's Day 50th Birthday Cake

This St Patrick’s Day 50th Birthday Cake was done for a friend called Patrick whose 50th birthday landed around St. Patrick’s Day and the theme of the party was the same. The cake was chocolate and covered in homemade MMF fondant. The decorations on top I hand modelled out of marzipan and fondant. The cake … Read more

Coolest Four Leaf Clover Cake

Homemade Four Leaf Clover Cake

I made this four leaf clover cake for a St. Patrick’s Day birthday celebration at our church. I used standard heart shaped pans and made a total of 4 heart layers (2 chocolate and 2 yellow). I also put some spare batter in a loaf pan so I could have something to use for the … Read more

Coolest St Patrick’s Day Birthday Hat Cake

Homemade St Patrick's Day Birthday Hat Cake

This St Patrick’s Day Birthday Hat Cake is the first cake I covered with fondant. I was just practicing. The cake is vanilla flavored with a crumb coat cover and filling of traditional buttercream icing. The bottom is a 9″ round and the top is a 6″ round. The deocorations are also made of fondant. … Read more

Coolest Four Leafed Clover Cake

Homemade Four Leafed Clover Cake

I was in a cake baking mood and decided to go with a four leafed clover shape (St. Patrick’s Day was the closest holiday). The homemade four-leafed clover cake inside was a white cake, dyed green with food colouring, the icing was basic white butter icing (also dyed green). I cut out four large hearts … Read more

Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Cake

Homemade St. Patrick's Day Cake

We always have a food day at work and I decided to showcase my talents (LOL) of decorating cakes. This St. Patrick’s Day Cake is chocolate, 2 Pillsbury cakes mixes. I baked 3 9″ hearts and 1 loaf pan, dividing the batter into those 4 pans. I cut out a paper template on what I … Read more

Coolest Irish Themed Birthday Cake

Homemade Irish Themed Birthday Cake

This Irish Themed Birthday Cake was a 40th birthday cake I made for a friend who is Irish and his girlfriend wanted an Irish themed cake for him. This cake was huge! I used 3 9×9 cake pans and 3 round cake pans. I cut the round ones in half and added them to the … Read more

Coolest St Patricks Day Birthday Cake

Homemade  St Patricks Day Birthday Cake

My son Wyatt was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so for his first birthday we had to go all out with the luck of the Irish! The base of the St Patricks Day Birthday Cake is cupcakes. We had his party at a different location from home and didn’t know if we’d have cutting utensils … Read more