Coolest 4 Leaf Clover Cake

Coolest 4 Leaf Clover Cake

I made this  4 Leaf Clover cake for St. Patrick’s Day. I mixed up my cake with green food coloring and poured into two 8 inch pans and let cook and then cool. I trimmed off the top part of each cake and then used a template of a four leaf clover I printed out on my computer … Read more

Coolest Irish Themed Birthday Cake

Homemade Irish Themed Birthday Cake

This Irish Themed Birthday Cake was a 40th birthday cake I made for a friend who is Irish and his girlfriend wanted an Irish themed cake for him. This cake was huge! I used 3 9×9 cake pans and 3 round cake pans. I cut the round ones in half and added them to the … Read more

Coolest St Patricks Day Birthday Cake

Homemade  St Patricks Day Birthday Cake

My son Wyatt was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so for his first birthday we had to go all out with the luck of the Irish! The base of the St Patricks Day Birthday Cake is cupcakes. We had his party at a different location from home and didn’t know if we’d have cutting utensils … Read more

Coolest Shamrock Birthday Cake

Homemade Shamrock Birthday Cake

My great niece wanted a Shamrock cake with polka dots for her birthday which is March 18. I convinced her to use little shamrocks instead of polka dots. When I asked her what color she wanted the little shamrocks she said she liked all the colors of the rainbow which became my inspiration for the … Read more

Coolest 4 Leaf Clover St. Patrick’s Day Cake

Homemade  4 Leaf Clover Cake

I wanted to make a cake for the St. Patricks Day party at my daughter’s after school care. I could not find many clovers so I thought I would go for the nontraditional four leaf clover. In my rush to get started, I did not think about the fact that I only have one 6 … Read more

Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat Cake

Homemade St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat Cake

This St.Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat cake was made for my family on St. Patrick’s Day. I used a white cake mix with a Green Apple Jolly Rancher carbonated beverage instead of water or oil. I also put in a bit of green food coloring and marbled it so that it would be green when cut … Read more

Cool Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Cake

Homemade St. Patrick's Day Cake

My brother-in-law’s birthday is on St. Patty’s day and my nieces (6 and 9) said they wanted to make a cake for their daddy. So I helped brainstorm ideas and asked if they wanted to make a cake or cupcakes and they yelled “CUPCAKES!” This St. Patrick’s Day Cake is my first attempt at a … Read more

Coolest Irish Leprechaun Cake

Homemade Irish Leprechaun Cake

This Irish Leprechaun Cake was so much fun to make. I started out with a 10 inch square cake and cut it into four equal squares. I then topped them and carved them into a tree trunk shape. I used the extra pieces I cut off (triangle shapes) as limbs of the tree at the … Read more