I made this  4 Leaf Clover cake for St. Patrick’s Day. I mixed up my cake with green food coloring and poured into two 8 inch pans and let cook and then cool. I trimmed off the top part of each cake and then used a template of a four leaf clover I printed out on my computer to cut out the shape for each cake.

Then I put icing on one cake and then topped with other cake to make a double layered cake. I then crumb coated (put a thin layer of icing on cake and stick in freezer for a bit) so I wouldn’t have problems with crumbs. After waiting, which is very hard for me, I pulled out of freezer and added another layer of green icing to the cake. I had to be very careful with the stem part it about came undone on me! And then after icing I put a generous amount of green sprinkles on top! I hope my cake brings me luck!