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Coolest St Patricks Day Birthday Cake

My son Wyatt was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so for his first birthday we had to go all out with the luck of the Irish!

The base of the St Patricks Day Birthday Cake is cupcakes. We had his party at a different location from home and didn’t know if we’d have cutting utensils to serve etc. I actually laid a layer of green fondant over them to cover any gaps before I did the grass frosting. I used a ball cake pan for the pot. The pot is sitting on a single layer round cake to elevate it to the level of the cupcakes. I cut a small indention into the cake to give it the illusion that it had a bowl shape.

The pot is covered in black fondant. Originally it was completely flawless but it was raining that day and it made the fondant a little spotted. For the “gold coins” it’s simply those little round chocolate discs you can buy for melting.

The cake was a huge hit and people at the pizza place actually asked me where it came from because they had relatives with birthdays in March and they loved it!

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