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Coolest Fresh Flower Wedding Cake

This fresh flower wedding cake was one that I made way back in 1989 for a friend. At the time I had a business called Lorelie’s Luscious Cakes. A lot of the cakes I made were more complex than this one, but the simplicity of this cake is what I love about it and is also why I chose to post it here. Any do it yourself bride or beginner cake decorator can design a 3 or 4 tiered cake like this one.

The brightly colored Nasturtiums were picked fresh the morning of the wedding, right from my garden. They were placed onto the cake at the venue. These flowers are edible, colorful, and do most of the decorating for you. There were also some pale yellow roses mixed in, that were purchased at the florist. The greenery was ferns and other greens, that I picked from our gardens.

The spray on the top of the cake is made from wire and royal icing. The wire is is wrapped in some sort of material, not sure what, but I got them at the craft store in the cake decorating section.

Simply pipe small buds of royal icing using a pastry bag and a small shell or star tip, onto the wires and hang them upside down to dry. The drying process takes a few hours. Then take the wires and stick them into a piece of Styrofoam. Spread them apart and bend the wires like a fountain, place on top of the cake once the cake is set up on the cake table. I got this idea from a Wilton Book, I think it was a Philippine style cake.

The cake was a carrot cake, with a cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting. The tiers are stacked with a piece of cardboard in between each tier. Dowels are cut and then pushed into each tier to support the one above. (I used straws quite often for this.) One central wooden dowel is pushed down into the center of the cake to hold all of the tiers together.

For the side of the cake I simply piped a ruffle using a large rose tip. For a ruffle you just squeeze the frosting out of the pastry bag and through the rose tip as you do a back and forth motion. Make sure that the thick side of the rose tip is against the side of the cake while piping it, this way the ruffle will have thinner edges. For this cake I also used a garland effect. The borders were also done with a ruffle.

The wedding reception was at an old Inn. The table was beautiful and it was set against an old fashioned wallpaper that matched the colors of the cake. It was quite elegant. I hope you like my Fresh Flower Wedding Cake and picked up a tip or two. If you have questions or comments, I would love to respond to them.

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