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Coolest Garbage Pail Kids Cake

My wife and I found that we were both good at making creative cakes. We now sell custom cakes out of our house. It’s just me and her and our home oven with materials we buy at everyday cake supply stores.

For my nephew’s 4th birthday he decided he wanted a Garbage Pail Kids cake (after just seeing the 1980’s movie). So we decided to go with the classic character Adam Bomb.

We started by drilling a 2 foot long PVC pipe to a 2’x2′ square wooden board. We then took 2 10 inch round vanilla cakes, and slide them down the pole. We also took a vanilla teddy bear mold cake, carved the ears and feet off of it, and slid that down the pole as well. This would be the characters body.

We iced the cake lime green and trimmed it in red. We then attached cupcakes to work as legs and feet. We iced and wrapped the body in skin toned, white and blue fondant. To look like the character was wearing shorts, shoes, a suit jacket and a collared shirt.We made arms out of rice krispy treats, wrapped them in fondant, and attached them as well. For the cheeks we placed round fondant pieces underneath the fondant wrap. We then added eyes, ears and a nose also made from fondant. We shaped the mouth using a fondant shaping tool.

We also made a red and yellow striped tie from fondant and attached it. We peeled the fondant back in pieces from the top of the head to give it a look like the PVC pipe was blasting out of it.

We then attached an oval shape piece of foam to the top of the PVC pipe by pushing it down about and inch deep. We then iced the pole and foam in red and yellow icing to give the impression of an atomic blast.

We finished it off with a classic yellow name plate made out of fondant on the front of the cake, giving it the new name Joey Kablooey so that it was personalized for my nephew.

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