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Cool Homemade 3D Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

My 4 year old asked for a Garbage Truck Birthday Party this year. I’ve always wanted to do a 3-D cake and this turned out to be the perfect opportunity with this Garbage Truck Birthday Cake. This was also my first time working with fondant – I was pretty anxious about it, but it ended up working out really well.

I used 3 9 inch rectangular cakes, one for the bottom and then the other two made up the rest. They were divided and used as the body of the truck and the cab. I froze them overnight to make them easier to shape. I shaved the front for the windshield and also shaved off the back for the dump part. I frosted the pieces together and then frosted the entire thing. Chilled it for 30 minutes and then went to work with the fondant.

I made marshmallow fondant from a recipe I found online – it was quick and much easier than I had anticipated. I used chocolate covered donuts for the wheels, Oreo sippers for the exhaust pipes and pieces of fondant for the remaining elements. I then frosted the foil with chocolate frosting and covered with chopped Oreo’s and silver sugar.

The party is tomorrow and now I just have to keep my 4 year old away from it – he doesn’t want to eat it, he wants to play with it!

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