Cool Homemade Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Garbage Truck Birthday Cake for a friend of mine who is a garbage man. I searched EVERYWHERE for an orange toy garbage truck because the town he works in has Orange garbage trucks. I wanted it to look authentic. The truck even made real garbage truck noises. I also purchased a mini garbage can online.

I made the garbage bags out of real garbage bags that I just cut into small squares, filled with tissues and tied with bread ties. The recycle bin was a small plastic box that I filled with cut up newspapers that I tied up with a string.

I made 2 9×13 chocolate cakes and filled them with chocolate mousse and iced them in vanilla butter cream. I airbrushed the cake green and blue and added plastic roaches and gummy worms on the sides of the cake. I airbrushed the corner of the cake black to look like a road and set the garbage truck on it. I took a small piece of paper and made a sign for the truck that said Edison, which is the town he works in.

I made a tree for the other corner of the cake by taking grape stems and dipping them into chocolate and then into into rice krispies that I dyed green to look like leaves. I added “grass” with a grass tip and piped the happy birthday in chocolate. He loved his cake and everyone that saw it really got a kick out of it. Theme cakes are my favorite cake to decorate because you can just let your imagination run wild!

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