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Coolest Homemade Pink and Purple 3D Giraffe Birthday Cake

This Giraffe Birthday Cake was made for my cousin’s daughter Maya for her 3rd birthday. I used a small ball pan for the head and a pampered chef small batter bowl and small round for the body. The legs were made with two small pampered chef prep bowls cut to size. I used skewers to hold the cakes together.

The snout, tummy, and hooves were covered with marshmallow fondant. Button candies for the nostrils and small chocolate covered peanuts for the eyes. The horns, ears, and roses were also made with MMF.

11 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Pink and Purple 3D Giraffe Birthday Cake”

  1. I love your cake. It is so cute. You said you used MM fondant to cover the snout and things but what did you use to make it look furry?

  2. This looks awesome! So inspirational. I’m going to try this for my daughter’s birthday. Would you be willing to give any more description? How many cake recipes did you use exactly? Any added info would help me. Thank you!

  3. I love this cake and have done one about a year ago that was very similar. I used about 5-6 8″ cakes for the body. The head was made from rice krispy treats (I had to transport this cake a long ways away) so it wouldn’t be top heavy. The fur I made with a Wilton tip 233 (grass tip) snout, ears, eyes, bow, and horns were made from fondant! I hope that helps those who needed a little more information on how this could be made!

  4. What an awesome cake! would you be willing to share some more info on how you made it? I would love to try this! Thanks!

  5. i love giraffeicorns very much. a giraffeicorn is a mix between a giraffe and a unicorn which i can tell is what your cake is thank you very much, but you forgot the unicorn horn.

  6. my husband and I thought it was turning out to look more like a cow, but thanks so much for making fun of it…what genuine kind character you must have.

  7. I was looking to have one of these made for my twin sister for our 40th birthday. I was wondering about how much it would cost to have one made. Our birthday is July 15th and I would need to find someone that can make on in the Rapid City, SD area. My twin likes Giraffes and I thought surprising her with her own cake would be great.

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