I offered to make a cake for my son’s football team for NYS in AZ.  NYS stands for National Youth Sports. It is an organized kids sports league for kids teams that is all volunteers.  My son was playing for Coach Bridges,  a former player for the AZ Cardinals.  We had no idea we would be so lucky to be coached by a really caring individual. One Team, One Goal was the logo and theme of the team my son, Liam, played for.

Here was my dilemma. I wanted to use a logo that represented the Eagles. I took it to a cake shop, the only cake supply shop in Phoenix and asked them to make a sugar copy on edible paper, of the Eagle. They told me it’s copyrighted and I could not use it!! Ughhhhh,  I am not a professional baker, I just love to bake. I make all my kids cakes.

Well now what to do?  So I made a field on the cake, hand decorated and tried as best as possible, to copy in frosting, the logo I wanted. The pictures will show you; I think I did a pretty good job.  I made the Eagle all in frosting. The kids and coach were surprised that I made the cake myself!  The picture of the cake got posted on the teams Facebook page and stayed there for a whole season as a rally cry, One Team, One Goal!