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Coolest Soccer Goal Cake

My son turned 5 and wanted a soccer party. I got the idea for this Homemade Soccer Goal Cake from this website (thank you) and worked with icing for the first time, which was quite adventurous!

For the base, I baked 2 rectangular vanilla sponges and filled them with “dulce de leche”, an Argentinean kind of caramel. I covered the cake with chocolate icing and then started with the coloured icing. I used homemade icing (1 cup of shortening, 1 pound of confectioners sugar, vanilla extract and 2 spoons with milk) and used Wilton colourings to get the blue sky and green grass. I used tip 233 for the grass and used Wilton ready white icing for the net.

For the ball, I used the Wilton ball pan and baked a chocolate sponge. I then covered it with chocolate icing and rolled some white/black fondant to cut the squares (used the template of the ball pan). I just placed the ball on top of the base.

The ball was meant to be mostly decoration but at the party all the kids wanted to have a piece of the ball, which proved a bit difficult to cut with all the fondant. Next time I’ll use icing for the ball as well!

Homemade Soccer Goal Cake

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