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Cool Homemade Golf Sheet Cake

I made this golf cake for my mother in law’s birthday. I used my 11×15 cake pan and used 2 white cake box mixes. I made butter cream icing and tinted it light green. I covered the whole cake with the light green icing leaving some aside to tint dark green. I then used a tube of blue decorating icing I bought and in the one corner of the cake I used a toothpick to trace a circle and used a knife to shave off some of the top of the cake and filled it with the blue icing. In the opposite corner, I used a toothpick and traced a triangle and dug out some of the top of the cake and filled it with a tube of brown sparkle icing.

With the remaining darker green icing I used a piping bag and the star tip that looks like grass and covered the whole cake except for the middle I left smooth. I used my italic letters for the message and traced it with a red sparkle gel.  At the top of the cake, I used a dowel rod for the flag and construction paper to take to the stick and wrote 18 on it.  For the golf ball, I used a white jawbreaker.  Enjoy!

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