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Coolest Golf Cake

I made this golf cake for my husband’s 30th birthday party. I first started by frosting the whole cake with light green icing. Then with a tooth pick I traced the water, the sand pit and the green. I filled in the green with more light green icing and I filled in the water with blue icing making a few waves with my knife.

For the sand pit, I used a spoon to carve out a little cake, maybe a half of an inch deep which I later filled with “sand” . I put the “sand” in after all the icing decorating was finished on the cake. The sand is made of finely crushed nilla wafers and brown sugar.

I made a medium green icing and a dark green icing for the freshly mowed fairway stripes. I alternated the medium green and dark green fairway stripes with the #46 Wilton decorating tip. I didn’t have the Wilton tip that creates the fur or grass look, but the 46 tip turned out to be much faster and easy anyway. Then I filled in the sand pit carefully using a spoon.

When the icing harden a bit I smoothed down the “green” with my finger and then used a tooth pick to make the golf ball hole. I used a small amount of hardened white icing to create the golf ball. I used left over light green icing to make a boarder around the top edge and the bottom edge of the cake.

The cake is yellow with ice cream and peanut butter mousse filling.! Everyone was so impressed with this cake. It looked good and tasted good too. And it was so fun to make, now I have to out do my self next year! I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you.

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