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Sweet Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

My mother-in-law and father-in-law are golf enthusiast and have birthdays one day apart. Their favorite cake is yellow with chocolate icing. I made them this Golf Course Birthday Cake for their birthday.

I made one yellow box cake mix in 9 inch rounds, frosted it with canned chocolate frosting between the layers and just on the sides.

I made buttercream icing and tinted a small part light blue, a small portion light green, and the rest more of a kelly green.

I mixed a little white buttercream with the canned chocolate frosting to make it stiffer. I used Wilton tip #18 to make a wavy shell-like border around the top of the cake and a smooth border at the base of the cake to hide the uneven baking of the cake.

With a butter knife, I smoothed the light blue on the bare top and wiggled my knife through it to make it look like the water hazard. I added two of my son’s goldfish crackers for affect.

I used a small amount of white icing for the sand trap and then crushed up frosted flakes almost to a powder consistency and stuck them into the still wet buttercream. I smoothed the light green in between the two features and formed the fairway/putting green.

The grass was made with Wilton tip #233 and was super easy to pipe on. I used the same darker green and a Wilton #3 tip to write Happy Birthday and to make the hole for the pin and two designs around the base of the candles (before I stuck the candles in.) I also piped dots around the base of the cake with that green and that tip.

The pin is a wooden skewer that is used for grilling and I cut out a rectangle of paper for the flag. I used a glue stick and wrapped the rectangle around the flag, sticking the two sides together and then cutting them into a triangle flag shape. The golf ball is a bit of buttercream that I just rolled gently between my fingers.

This was my first time making this cake and I put it together after looking at some ideas here!

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  1. I think this is a great idea as both my parents love golf. My mums birthday is coming up soon and i wanted to make her a cake that was a bit different. I like this idea because it is not overly difficult and you will not end up with figures made out of icing that no-one wants to eat. I am sure I wil have fun making this. xx


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