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Coolest Golf Course Cake

What you’ll need for this homemade golf course cake:

* Box of cake mix

* 13×9 pan

* 2 c shredded coconut

* Green food coloring (plenty)

* 2- icing (light color- buttercream preferred)

* Light brown sugar

* Blue decorator’s gel

* Red fruit roll up and pretzel stick (if you don’t have the flag and tee)

* Green sugar sprinkles

* Bowl of hot water

* Cake decorating metal spatula

* Golf cart (optional)

* Artificial trees

We always disregard boxed cake mixture directions and use our family recipe instead which makes a super moist cake. If you want to try this, use the box mix and add (4 eggs, 1 c oil, 1 c milk, 1 small instant pudding mix) bake the cake as directed on the box in the 13×9 pan. Let it cool completely.

Once cooled, flip it over on a flat cookie sheet so the bottom is now on the top. Dig 3 trenches out with a small spoon. If you are using buttercream, you’ll do a crumb coat next. Save some white frosting to lightly coat the trench that will be the water, take the rest and place in the mixer and add green food coloring until it’s the color of grass.

Lightly frost the cake with the green icing (except the white trench) and refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for about 15 minutes to firm the frosting on the cake. Next, take the coconut and add about 1-3 tsp of water and 6-8 drops of green food coloring to a bowl, cover in plastic wrap and shake until the coconut is green. Take large dollops of green frosting and place all over the flat parts of the top of the homemade golf course cake. You want to keep the fairway nice and smooth, but the sides will be covered in coconut so it’s not as important to keep smooth.

Take the metal frosting spatula and dip in hot water before spreading. Once the frosting seems to stick, smooth away any frosting from the spatula, dip in hot water and repeat the last step. Be generous with the frosting! After you’re done on the top, do the sides.

Use the blue decorator gel over the white frosting careful to take it to the edge of the green and trenches. Next, fill in the other 2 trenches with light brown sugar. Take a small round cookie cutter and hold it over the area for the putting green and sprinkle the green sugar.

Use the red fruit roll up cut like a flag and wrap around a pretzel stick and place the white candy for the putting area (I ordered the cart and flag online and used a white candy for the ball). Carefully place the coconut around the trenches and sides.

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