My youngest sister was graduating High School this year and I really wanted to make her something special! I wanted to bring the whole family together with a fun party, and surprise my sister. My goal was to create a graduation cap cake that looked realistic, and still tasted delicious. I also wanted the cake to be as identical to her actual graduation cap.

I layered 2 9 inch round cakes for the base of the cake, placed 4 wooden dowels inside for support, and iced the whole thing. The top of the cap was the part that required the most thought! I was unsure how to make it look good, taste good and still be stable! I don’t like the idea of spending time and money on something to just be thrown out. I considered just shaping fondant and letting it harden, but felt that would be too heavy, and not pleasantly edible! I didn’t feel like cake would be sturdy enough as a top.

I really liked the idea of using rice crispy treats as the top, but was unsure of how to keep it from flopping over at the edges. I finally decided to cut a piece of cardboard to the proper size, place it underneath the rice crispy treats, cut them to match, and ice it all. I used an easy white marshmallow fondant to cover the base and the square top. The school’s colors are blue, white and yellow. I wanted a ‘bling’ tassel on the cap, like many students wear.

I made some blue and yellow fondant using coloring gel. I then used a garlic press to make the tassel strands. The ’12’ is made from white fondant and small gems from the craft store. I used some remaining blue and yellow colored fondant to write her name, finish the bottom edge detail and decorate the top.

I accomplished my goal! She was surprised! The cake looked just like her actual graduation cap, it tasted great, completely edible, and everyone loved it!