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Coolest Sports Graduation Cake

The graduate wanted a cake that represented her three sports. The bottom cake is a two layered 14 inch cake (chocolate and vanilla with raspberry filling). To make the soccer ball I printed a hexagon shape about the size needed, traced it with a toothpick and piped in the black.

The middle layer is a 10 inch cake (same flavors). I added cocoa powder to the Wilton buttercream recipe and mixed in a little orange coloring. To get the texture, I gently pressed a meat mallet into the frosting–after it had dried.

The softball is made from the Wilton ball pan. I had a hard time finding the right yellow so I mixed the Wilton bright yellow with a little lime green. I piped on red stitching.

The graduation cap is made from the cake scraps from the ball cake, frosted and covered in marshmallow fondant (Google the recipe-super easy!) For the cap I covered cardboard in fondant; it’s the only part of the cake that isn’t edible.

The Sports Graduation Cake was a big hit and tasted super delicious!

Coolest Sports Graduation Cake

Coolest Sports Graduation Cake

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