Coolest Graveyard Cake

I made this graveyard cake for a friend’s mom. She was turning 50 and I came up with the idea for a grave symbolizing her youth. I looked for so many ideas on the net and got many ideas from many places including this site and threw it all together.

I bought the fencing from a craft store and used jewelry wire to go around the fencing. I bought the shovel from Walmart, it was actually in a toy. I made the sign from construction paper and a tooth pick and used chocolate chip cookies for the dirt near the grave. I cut a small rectangle out of the cake to look like it had been dug up

After it had set in the refrigerator over night so it would be easy to cut and not get crumbly, I used butter cream icing for the grass, border, flowers and wording. I bought the grave from mighty dollar and scraped “Over the hill” off of it because it didn’t go with the theme.

I haven’t made many cakes but I thought it turned out well. Even though I didn’t spell her name right. But she still loved it!