Coolest Gronckle Cake

My 7 year old son, who is really into “How to Train Your Dragon” wanted me to sculpt a Gronckle out of fondant and put it on a white cake with white icing. I said “I can’t sculpt a Gronckle, I’ll just make you a Gronckle cake. That will be easier.” And so I did.

I used two small oval pans and one small heart shape pan and 4 cupcake tins. I only made enough batter for one cake and distributed the batter between the dishes. After they cooled, I cut the end off of one oval and set it aside. Then I put the bigger side next to the other oval to form the head and body. I used the heart shape cake for the top of the head and kept the mouth open with the cake part I cut off the oval. I used the cupcakes for the front legs by putting the whole cupcake close to the body and then I cut one in half and layed it in front for the feet. I did not make hind legs or a tail.

I used the other cupcake for extra support under the top of the mouth and a piece for the nose. And then I whipped up some cream cheese frosting, added some chocolate frosting to help hold the food coloring and colored it green. Then I covered the whole thing with frosting. I kept 2 tablespoons of white aside and put it in the freezer. After 15 minutes or so, I rolled it into balls for the eyes and put chocolate chips in it for the eyeballs and left it in the freezer until needed.

I used butterscotch chips (which went amazingly well with the almond extract in the white cake) for the warts. The teeth and claws were made from white chocolate chips I melted with corn syrup and layed out on a pan. I put it into the refrigerator and when it was nice and hard, I took a tool and broke it up to make uneven jagged edges. Hope you like.

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