Cool Homemade Gumball Machine Cake

I made this gumball cake for my sons 15th birthday after we saw Duff make one on Ace of Cakes.

The cake is made from 4 Victoria sandwiches. I used a Victoria sponge recipe and added cocoa powder to give my son the chocolate cake he wanted. The cakes were sandwiched together with chocolate butter cream. The cake is covered with red fondant and also white fondant painted silver with silver lustre. The gumballs are a mixture of gum balls and fondant. The coins are silver fondant with 15 carved into them.

The closet thing I could get to the dome shape I needed was a hamster ball (brand new and clean!)which sits on top of the cake with the help of plastic dowels and a 5 inch cake board.

It did not take too long to make.

It is not quite to Duff standards but my son did not want to cut it for the first couple of days as it was a ‘work of art’- not bad for a 15 year old ‘goth’! I took it as a compliment.

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