Coolest Gumball Machine Cake

I got the idea for a Gumball Machine Cake from a friend and the recipe from a cake magazine (I forget what it was called) she had. With ideas from the internet and the cake magazine recipe, I made the cake to my liking.

I used a 9in round and a 9in square pan for the cakes. I trimmed and tapered one end of the square pan so the round cake could sit on top. I also trimmed off the rounded top to give a square look (I kept the rounded top on the round cake to give it round look). I used “fluffy” frosting but I heard buttercream is easier to work with as it’s more stiff.

I used Wilton’s gel colors, a wonderful product. The crank handle and gumball collector I just free-handed, and added a gold wrapped chocolate coin and a gumballs to their respective places. The gumballs I added to make it look realistic.

I had a great time making it and best of all my son loved it and so did all of his friends.

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  1. I really want this awesome cake for my b-day party. Do you know the recipe because that might help me make it. . . . .


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