I created this pumpkin cake for a girl’s 5th birthday party. I baked a half sheet cake then made rice crispy treats and cut out the cake where the pumpkin was going to sit and inserted a section of the rice crispy to hold the weight of the pumpkin. I baked cake in two bundt pans and used that for the shape of the pumpkin. I set the first bundt cake upside down on top of the rice crispy section. Then I filled the hole of the bundt cake with skittles candy and then layered chocolate pudding all over the top of the cake, making sure not to get any of the pudding in the center where the candy was. I put the top bundt cake piece on top right side up.

I then filled the remainder center hole with the skittles candies. Then I frosted the pumpkin with orange with a hint of brown colored frosting and used up and down strokes to get the designs in it. Then I made a stem out of rice crispy treat and covered it with fondant and put it on top of the center to make the stem. I cut out and painted fondant into leaves and vines then laid them over the pumpkin. I cut out black fondant and put on the pumpkin for the eyes, mouth and nose. I used colored green butter cream frosting to make the grass around the pumpkin and I made funky little tree like things with little berry balls on them.

I used ghost Peeps and wooden sticks to put the ghost on the cake. I made a leaf hanging on the cake, appearing that it fell off the pumpkin from fondant. I used orange colored butter cream frosting to finish off the boarder. Finally I cut out a witch hat out of fondant and then cut out a number five and stuck them to a stick and put it in the cake. I call this my candy filled pumpkin, cake! The kids were so excited when the parent cut into this cake and the skittles came rolling out.

Everyone loved this cake! I had so much fun making this cake. I really didn’t have any problems making this cake. It turned out great and everything turned out great!