Coolest Chef Birthday Cake

I made this Chef birthday cake for the birthday party of a 7 year old who wants to be a chef. To start, I cut a large white square of fondant that would hang about an inch over a square board. I then used a square cutter and cut quarts out of red fondant to make a red checked table cloth.

Then I made a marbled fondant mix out of two colors of brown to look like wood grain. I took half of it and added more dark brown fondant. I rolled them out and cut strips like panels. I put them together on a rectangular piece of card board to be the cutting board. To make the chef’s knife, I just copied one of my real knives using gum paste. When it was dry and hard (let dry overnight) I painted the blade with bright silver petal dust.

The tomatoes are fondant. I used a calyx cutter for the leaves at the top of the tomato. I gave the tomatoes a subtle shine by rubbing shortening on them. The basil is made from gumpaste and wired. The garlic head is just modeled fondant dusted lightly with brown dust. The chef’s hat is fondant over Rice Crispies treats shaped like a hat. I made a white circle of fondant and laid it over the top of the hat then bunched it around the sides to create a gathered fabric look. Then I just cut a thick stop of fondant to wrap around the bottom. The “Chef Brady” is made with fondant using tappits block letters.

I baked the cake last. A three layer 8″ red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I crumb-coated the cake and then chilled it. I cut a thick rectangle of dark gray fondant about an inch taller than the cake. I then folded one long side over about half an inch (for a clean line for the top of the pot). I then wrapped that around the side of the cake. The fondant sticks up about 1/2 over the top of the cake. I then painted the pot with bright silver petal dust. When it was dry I set the cake on the table cloth board. I added fondant handles.

I then made pasta by pressing colored fondant through a clay press using the disk with multiple small spaghetti sized holes. I randomly set them on top of the cake. For the sauce I mixed some of the cream cheese frosting with black cherry ice cream topping (it is runny like syrup). It is too dark red so I added yellow powdered food coloring until it was the color of marinara sauce. Then spooned it over the pasta. The meatballs are Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls. I just rolled them in the “sauce”.

Voila! A totally cool chef cake!

Homemade Chef Birthday Cake

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