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Cool Homemade Gymnastics Cake

This Gymnastics cake is a homemade chocolate fudge cake with four layers of cake and three layers of chocolate fudge filling. Chocolate filling is chocolate gnashe with vanilla buttercream added. I only use 70% cocoa solids chocolate which is sometimes too strong for children so I add the buttercream to suit their palate.

I coated the top of the cake with vanilla buttercream and then covered it with homemade fondant icing. I cut the silhouettes of the gymnasts out of fondant icing coloured black and strengthened with gum tragacanth. I got the pictures from the internet.

I molded the Irish dancing shoe from the same fondant and then rolled and cut some pink fondant and made the ribbons for the gymnasts. Most of my cakes are specific requests and I find sites like this and images from the internet invaluable in being able to fulfil these requests. If you need any more information please ask.

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