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Coolest Roller Skate Cake

Use a VERY sturdy cake recipe like pound cake for this roller skate cake. You will need one half of a large egg pan and 6 ovals (I baked them in disposable small casserole pans.)

The toe of the skate is half of the large egg pan. Use extra batter to bake 2 small ovals for the heel. The top of the boot is a second cake recipe, baked in 4 small oval layers.

Stack 3 rectangular cake boards & cover with Contact paper. Edge with ribbon. Cover “elevator” (small block of wood) with the same Contact paper as the board.

Using a sharp knife-& your oval pan as a guide-cut off the small end of the egg, to allow oval layers to nestle into the toe portion of the skate. You will discard the small end & use the larger end.

Fill & stack ovals. Nestle them in place, inserting them against the cut you made in the egg-shaped layer. If necessary, sculpt heel so sides are straight.

Draw around the whole cake on parchment or freezer paper, to serve as a guide for the cake board (cut 2). Stick them together with masking tape & then cover the whole assembly with foil to resemble metal sole of the skate.

Cut out an oval cake board, smaller than your pan. This will separate your two cake recipes and will be at about ankle level in the cake.

Stack & fill the 4 ovals. You will sculpt these layers upside-down. Cut downward, angling slightly outward. (Can use small oval as guide at the top.)

Attach bottom layers to the foil-covered cake board with frosting. Crumb coat everything, then ice just the oval area that will receive the upper layers.

Measure, cut, and place 4 plastic supports. Make sure the upper cake board will sit level. Turn upper layers right-side up and stick them to small cake board. Then put the upper layers on lower ones.

Measure & cut a wooden dowel so it is slightly shorter than the whole cake. Sharpen dowel & push into cake (pounding through upper board with a hammer), until you hit the bottom board. Crumb coat entire assembly.

If you decide to do the fondant (optional), you will need two pieces: one in the front, covering the toe & running up the front to form the boot “tongue”, & another wrapping around back & sides.

Measure top of boot for sizing the back piece of fondant. You don?t want it to go all the way around; leave a space about 2 inches in the front where the tongue & laces will go. Ice cake with a thin, smooth coating.

Working quickly, roll fondant & cut the exact tongue shape, which should attach at the bottom to a large, approximately circular shape to cover the toe. Put the fondant in place and smooth it, trimming around the bottom edge and cutting it straight on the sides.

The 2nd fondant piece will be approximately rectangular, but with two rounded-off corners. Roll out a rectangle, the length of your prior measurement & as tall as the cake. Wrap it around the back and sides of the cake. Smooth & trim. You can cover imperfections with decorative elements.

Use a pattern-marking wheel to create faux “stitching”. Use royal icing to attach grommets (candy with holes, such as lifesavers) and Twizzler laces. Cut fondant shapes with cookie cutters. Attach with a few drops of water. Pipe on honoree’s name.

It is safest to transport and cut the cake OFF the “elevator” for greater stability.

Attach elevator to the center of cake board with strong tape. Use more tape to attach the sole of the shoe to the elevator. Be sure the weight of the cake is well-balanced on elevator.

Use royal icing to attach the marshmallow under toe of skate, and the doughnut wheels.

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