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Cool Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake With Graveyard

This Halloween birthday cake was my favorite cake to make! My daughter’s birthday is a couple of days before Halloween and she wanted a Halloween party. So I used to watch the cake challenges all the time and the Halloween cakes where on. In the challenges they used hard candy so I wanted to use it.

The water is hard candy with body parts in it! The walk way is teeth. Then you have the haunted house that is the gingerbread house. It sits on the cake. Then the graveyard is cake with skeleton that looks like they are half dug up. And bugs all over it.

The kids at the party loved the fact that everything they could eat. My daughter loved her cake. This year we are trying to do a bigger and better cake than last year.

Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake

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