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Coolest Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake for my cousin’s 8th birthday. It started simple enough with a phone call asking if I knew of anyone who could do a 3D skeleton cake. Of course I figured that’s easy! Anyway of course it took on a life of its own! This cake was only supposed to serve about 30 people and well it ended up with about 100 servings!

This is a Neapolitan cake with marshmallow fondant. The marshmallow fondant is made with a 16oz bag of marshmallows, 3tbs of water and 1tbs of vanilla extract and about 4 cups of powdered sugar. I melted the marshmallows in the microwave with the water and vanilla until smooth. I then added my coloring and made sure that all the marshmallow mix was completely colored.

Then you just add sugar until you are unable to stir it anymore. Make sure you sift any clumps out of your sugar, otherwise you end up with a lumpy mix. Anyway then you just kneed it like bread dough until it is firm and not sticky.

I made two batches and they both turned out really well.

My black fondant I had to use the expensive coloring because the regular food coloring made it purple. Anyway, this will last several months covered in plastic wrap if kept refrigerated.

I then made six sheet cakes because of the size of the skeleton I had made. I couldn’t find a skeleton mold anywhere and it was close to Halloween! I ended up buying a Styrofoam skeleton and the Crayola modeling clay from Wal-Mart. The modeling clay takes about two or three days to set so be patient.

The skeleton is made from Rice Krispy Treats. I froze him and covered him in white chocolate. White chocolate is not easy to melt! The easiest way I found was to microwave in on medium in 30 second intervals. You can then color it! I colored it and made headstones! They turned out really well. The fingers are made from the manufactured Rice Krispy Treats that I rolled and shaped by hand.

The big pumpkin is made with a ball cake pan and a chocolate covered ice cream cone. You just cut a little off the top of the cake so that it looks more like a pumpkin. The small pumpkins are just left over fondant that I rolled in my hand. I used a toothpick to make the lines in the pumpkins. The skeleton is colored with Wilton’s coloring that I mixed together until I got a mucky brown color.

I just bought the ghosts and skulls on the side of the cake. I had spent too much time on everything else so I figured one thing bought wouldn’t hurt. Anyway this cake took me 3 days to make and I was exhausted afterwards so take your time and don’t rush.

The Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake was a hit at the party and the adults thought a bakery made it! I’m really impressed with how it turned out!

Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Skeleton Birthday Cake

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