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Coolest Halloween Cake Design

I have a lot of fun making cakes, so much that I am currently working on getting into school to get my business and baking degrees so that I can open my own bakery. So whenever anyone I know needs a cake, they come to me. Some of my best friends bought a house this fall and were moving in during October. So they decided they wanted their house warming party to also be a Halloween party and they asked me to come up with some kind of haunted house cake. This Halloween Cake Design is what I came up with and they loved it.

The cake is 3 9×13 inch cakes that are stacked and cut in half, then stacked again. Then I carved them into the shape of a house. The cake flavors were chocolate, lemon, and yellow cake and the frosting was a butter cream. I then wrapped the sides in fondant and then laid fondant over the top so it looked like a roof. I then sprayed the fondant with the black spray paint from Wilton. I made windows and a door out of the fondant also. The chimney is also made out of melting chocolate. I made the steps out of a chocolate cupcake and covered them in fondant too. The grave sites are made out of chocolate cupcakes and covered with black frosting.

The tombstones are made out of melting chocolate. The ghosts are miniature Recees peanut butter cups inverted with a whopper stuck to the top with frosting covered with a square of fondant with eye and mouth holes. The fencing is pretzel sticks stuck into fondant strips and the hedges are made of frosting, coconut and green Wilton coloring. The gravel is the left over chocolate from the tombstones crumbled up. The ground is chocolate cookies and honey graham cracker and the pumpkins are the little pumpkin candies you get at Halloween.

The entire scene is sitting on a wood board covered in aluminum foil. It took me Two days to put this cake together and it was a big hit at the party.