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Coolest Homemade Pumpkin Patch Cake

Well, let me start by saying that this pumpkin patch cake had to be one of my most favorite cakes to make ever! I absolutley love fall and pumpkin season. This cake was made for my cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday party at… where else, but a pumpkin patch.

The Cake

Everything on this cake was edible! The bottom cake is a 10inch round and the top cake is a 6 inch round.

The top pumpkin was made from rice cereal treats. I made the treats and used a small round cake pan to help mold them into the shape of the pumpkin. I then let it set for awhile and used a wooden dowel to give some indents around the pumpkin. I iced it in buttercream, covered it in fondant, smoothed it out, and added the ribbon and bow details after I placed it on top of the cake. This was secured in the cake with a wooden dowel. It kept it very sturdy especially since the cake had an hour drive to its destination. I also added fondant flowers, leaves and a number “1” on top.

The Decorations

All the decorations were made of fondant!

  • The fence was all cut out of fondant using the Wilton ribbon tool to make each strip even. I then cut them to a point by hand and used the back of a pairing knife to make lines to give it a wood sort of look.
  • The daisies and pink flowers were cut with various flower cutters that I purchased online. They are also fondant. The centers of the daisies I painted brown with some food coloring.
  • I placed a wire through the flowers popping out of the pumpkin so they could be easily placed into the pumpkin later. The flowers were made early in the week and the wire placed in them and allowed to dry for several days in order to make them much sturdier. When I went to place the flowers into the pumpkin, I did have to wrap the bottom of the wires around a toothpick on some of them to give them more support.
  • The pumpkins and green vines were all shaped by hand. I used some toothpicks to add a little detail to the pumpkins also.

This cake was definitely a hit at the party. Even the birthday girl enjoyed her matching smash cake. Enjoy!!!

Coolest Homemade Pumpkin Patch Cake

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