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Coolest Pumpkin and Mini Pumpkin Cake

For my son’s first birthday we had a costume party for Halloween and decorated with all pumpkins. I got a lot of my inspiration for the Pumpkin and Mini Pumpkin Cake from this site and added some of my own touches. I made a big cake and a small cake for my son to eat.

For the main cake, I baked two yellow bundt cakes. I dyed the cake batter orange and added mini chocolate chips so it would look like pumpkin seeds. I then made a buttercream icing and dyed it orange. I stacked the bundt cakes together to make the pumpkin base. I frosted with the bright orange and then made a darker orange to put lines down the pumpkin. I had some Wilton fondant from another project (pink and tan) and was able to just use Wilton’s dye to make green and black fondant.

For the leaves I rolled out the green fondant and cut heart shaped leaves. I placed them around the top of the cake and brought up the sides to make it look more real. I made dark brownish green icing and made the veins on the leaves. I then took strips of the fondant and made the twirly parts go down.

For the stem, I took an ice cream cone and covered it in chocolate. I placed this on top. I used black fondant and cut out the number one and put four numbers around the cake.

For the base I used green wrapping paper and wrapped the circle cardboard I had and then put candy corn around the base to cover the seams on the bottom.

For the small cake, I used a small bundt pan (Viking has a pan that has 6 small bundt cakes and I used the one that looked most like a pumpkin). I did the same thing for the leaves but used a small piece of cake covered in chocolate for this stem. I just covered a small round plate in the green wrapping paper.

Homemade Pumpkin and Mini Pumpkin Cake

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