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Coolest Halloween Witch Cake Idea

This cake was called a Halloween Witch Cake Idea, even though she is not an ugly spooky witch. I made it for a Halloween party my class was having at school. FYI I am also a massage therapy instructor at an allied health school where I live. Anyway my students had seen some of my pictures of previous cakes and I guess I was looking for an excuse to bake something.

I started with a doll cake pan. I did not use the Wilton doll pan because you cannot use a full size doll with it, at least not when I purchased mine. And you must buy one of those dolls on a stick and in my opinion they are ugly. So anyway it was a chocolate cake in a doll pan. The frills on the dress are made with a rose tip just piped out like a wiggly ribbon. On the bottom of the black part of the dress and the shirt part and the hat I used a star tip. All the squiggly business was done with a round tip. He hat was made of black poster board that I cut a circle out of then a triangle piece I rolled up for the top and pinned it to the dolls head before I decorated it.

I really like this cake and it was a more entertaining version of a project from my cake decoration class. The students liked the cake and the poor naked stained doll was never seen again. I suspect she was doll-napped and is in the bottom some little girl’s toy box. Or she is a zombie now it is a mystery.

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