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Coolest Halloween Witches Brew Cake

Homemade Halloween Witches Brew Cake, Halloween 2010 cake.

I started by making two tiers of my mother’s Victoria sponge cake, through the middle of each cake, I filled with butter cream and champagne strawberry jam.

For the icing I bought ready rolled white icing and added my own sugar paste food colorings and needed until I got the colors I wanted. To get the desired color I would really recommend using disposable gloves because the food coloring can really dye your hands for a good few days.

Then I made the icing for the piping. I used real butter softened and then added shifted icing sugar and vanilla essence. The icing sugar gives a much nicer taste. After making it I placed the nozzles in the icing bags and added the color icing ready to pipe then placed them in the fridge for a few hours so it was easier to pipe with.

The Cats around the cake is black rolled fondant icing cut out with normal Halloween cookie cutters, edible glitter rubbed on them and outlined with a glitter food pen. The witch and the cauldron on the top is a candle, also the witches heads and shopping bags are cake picks,

I also added matching cupcakes to these in the alternate colors of purple and orange and placed them around the board for the extra wow factor, everyone is the family was very happy and loved the taste of the light sponge underneath this great cake.

Homemade Halloween Witches Brew Cake

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