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Coolest Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

This Hannah Montana Birthday Cake was a two day labor of love for a very sweet little girl! I baked the bottom layer first in a 12X18X2 Wilton rectangular pan. Crumb coated it and iced it.

Then I baked the top layer in the Hannah Montana character pan. I prepared my icing and colored it. I made the stars out of fondant. I colored the fondant and cut out the stars the night before so they had time to dry. I assembled the stars with a drop of melted white chocolate to make them stick to the stick.

To assemble the cake, I put the Hannah Montana cake on it’s own cake board cut to fit the cake. I placed dowels in the bottom layer where the HM cake would sit on top of it. Then I did my decorating! I sort of followed the directions on the HM cake pan, but added my own flair to it!

The result was a fun, colorful birthday cake! I think this is one of my favorites that I have done.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake”

  1. wow. that really nice.. do you make to sell them? if so, how much would you charge? I am looking for a Hannah Montana cake for next month. thanks. Judy

  2. I am from the beautiful country of Barbados and i was just admiring your cake,my grand daughter is crazy about Hannah Montana and I would like to know where you got your star pan from,it would make her 5th b day the most enjoyable.


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