Coolest Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

This Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake was made for a 7 year old girl. I made this cake, it took me about three days to make.

Needed materials:

1. Two 10 inch cake pans.

2. Four cups of buttercream

3. Two cups of fresh strawberrys with strawberry glaze.

4. two boxes of your fav. cake mix (one box per pan)

5. one 5lb.Wilton fondant.

6. one package gumpaste for Hannah Montana sign and stars and musical shapes and poke-a-dots.

7. edible luster paint in silver

8. star-musical notes-small circle fondant cutters


Bake cakes at 350 degrees for at least 45 min. or until tooth pick is clean. Take out of oven, let cool for about 30 min. Then unmold cakes on two cake boards. Refrigerate for a least 4 hours, meanwhile tint your fondant (one and a half boxes ) in light purple. After tinting put in a air tight container or freezer bag. With the remainder of fondant spilt into two parts,

one part blue and one part black. Take a medium ball of aready tinted purple and tint it a darker purple.

Making Hannah Montana sign and cut outs( stars, musical notes, dots you can a obtain a template of the sign on line and trace it on wax paper or if you have the Wilton year book 2010. I traced the sign on wax paper. Put tempate to the side. Take blue fondant mix with small amount of gumpaste, roll out and cut out template with a fondant cutter, make letters with Wilton letter molds.

Hand paint letters with edible paint, let dry over night. Making stars and musical notes and dots, just roll out fondant( fontant and gumpaste combo). Make different stars, 1/8 thick, use floral wire that has floral tape for food safety. Make about 15 stars on wire. Make musical notes and about 100 dots different colors. Let dry overnight.

Cake preparation:

Take cakes out of the frige. Take crowns off the top make sure both cake are leveled, you can also use a cake leveler. Take buttercream into a pastry bag with a large star tip. Take cake numbger one, apply some buttercream with spatula. Then with pastry bags pipe a dam around the cake so the filling will not come out. Then apply the filling after you are done. Apply cake number two on top, frost with buttercream, not too much, just enough so the fondant can adhere. Once done refidgerate about six hours or overnight. Now you are ready to apply fondant. The add fondant about 1/8 thick and 14inches round, apply fondant use fondant smoothers.

If unfamilar with applying fondant go to you tube and there are great tutorials. Once you are done with fondant you are ready to apply cut outs. First apply the stars on the wire on top of the cake and sides, dots and musical notes.

Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

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