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Coolest Hannah Montana Star Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday. She worships Hannah, but I didn’t want to make the same old guitar cake I keep seeing. So, I got the Wilton star shaped cake pan and had a little fun making her a Hannah Montana Star Birthday Cake.

The first cake has Hannah’s initials from the logo you see everywhere. No where in Phoenix carried the gold dragees that I wanted for the “lights” on the M, but we found something called “glitter gel” that ended up looking just right.

We used the purple rosettes for her candles.

Because we have a humongous family, we made two cakes. I didn’t want to repeat the logo because, quite frankly, creating the gradient on the H sucked. So, I did my research and found autographs from Miley that girls all over the country had scanned in.

The writing on the cake is a rendition of her handwriting, and the signature is as close as I could get to hers. All of my little girl’s cousins were so jealous that Miley had “signed” her cake.

I also let her put star shaped sprinkles on the written cake. They actually turned out looking like a really cool scatter pattern.

I know my little one really thought this cake was awesome. I hope it helps someone else think of an idea for the little girl in their life.

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