Coolest Homemade 2 Tiered Harley Birthday Cake

I made this Harley birthday cake in my home kitchen for my husband’s 40th birthday. He loves his Harley so this cake was a big hit. This cake was on of my favorites that I’ve made to date.

I made two cakes, a 10in and a 8in. I layered each cake and filled the center with a layer of icing. Then I covered both cakes with a layer of icing then fondant. To stack put straws in the center of the bottom cake to hold the weight of the top cake (this is every important). The Harley logos are all cut out by hand and placed on the cake with a little water.

The tank is shaped out of rice cereal then covered with fondant and painted black. The Harley logo on the tank is just a sticker (not edible). The road is painted in by hand and I cut white stripes for the center line. The nuts and bolts were formed from the inside of sockets (new) and painted silver with food paint from Walmart.

The letters I bought a sheet of fondant letters at Walmart (I cant cut letters that good) and finally the big Harley logo at the top was just printed out and glued double sided onto a dowel rod and inserted into the cake.

Everyone loved this cake and it was very easy to make. The longest thing was forming the nuts and bolts.

Happy baking!

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