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Coolest Harry Potter and the Golden Egg Cake

I cut a 13″ sponge cake into shape, added height using cut offs and covered the whole cake including the board in white fondant icing. With a very soft wide brush and black, green and brown food colour I painted the rocks. To paint these I used the coloured paste as if you were water colour painting — wetting the icing with water first, then dabbing tiny bits of each colour onto it and using a soft brush blending them together. Drips can be left to set a little then blended in with the same brush (this makes dark and light areas on the rock).

The dragon was fairly easy to make from marzipan, the wings caused a little problem where they thinned out but I used pieces of sponge to hold them up whilst they dried. Harry’s broom stick needed to look as though it was flying so to give it extra support I made a tiny cloud that stuck out slightly from rock. I think the cake would have looked better without the cloud but I compromised so that the homemade Harry Potter and the Golden Egg cake was solid enough for traveling.

Harry Potter was easy, I just positioned his marzipan legs over the broom stick, added a sausage for his body which I then covered with coloured marzipan and moulded with end of size 000 paint brush (ideal for smoothing out and putting in creases, etc.). His face was a little bit young looking but I looked at the book cover and he did look quite a lot younger in the Goblet of Fire than he does now. The eggs were made of fondant and the golden egg on top was rolled in Gold sugar shimmer.

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