I got this task for a Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake from my child’s teacher.

This is my first time I did cake decoration with plastic icing. I learnt a lot from making this one and since then I am very confident to decorate cakes with plastic icing. Few mistakes happened but it was an amazing experience and good lesson. Now I am learning how to make 3D cake decoration.

My first mistake was, I rolled the fondant icing on the display board which was really painful as it was not neat and tidy. It worked eventually.

Second mistake, I made the tassle too early then it was set and dry. It broke as I lifted it, then I knew that I should put it on the hat and let it dry.

I had so much fun making this cake and my child’s teacher was very pleased. Since then I got so many orders from the school to make all their celebration cakes or cupcakes.