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Coolest Haunted Graveyard Cake

This homemade haunted graveyard cake was made out of two devils food chocolate cakes and I made a chocolate fudge frosting with coconut mixed in. I put a thin layer between the cake then coated the cake with it.

To create the dirt on top I used toasted coconut, crushed almonds, and crushed thin mint cookies. This gave it both texture and color. The trees are made of blue licorice cover in milk chocolate, I was looking for black licorice but they didn’t have any at the store. However I think the chocolate actually worked better because it gave it a thick barky look to it. They were held in place with toothpicks.

The tombstone were made with thin mint cookies covered in white chocolate (delich!!!) The fence around the cake is mini stick pretzels covered in white chocolate. NOTE: Don’t put those in until the last minute. I made the homemade haunted graveyard cake the night before and put them into the cake then and they were soggy the next day from the moisture of the cake. The pathway was also made from drizzled white chocolate.

The action figures I purchased at ToysRus. I was originally gonna make it Scooby Doo but they didn’t have any so I just picked up some scary characters.

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