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Creepy Homemade Graveyard Cake

On a 1/4 sheet double layered chocolate cake, I iced the entire graveyard cake with white buttercream. I covered the top of the cake in Oreo cookies to create the dirt effect.

To make the fence, I placed parchment paper down and created a fence with melted chocolate. When it dried, I simply placed it around the entire cake. The good thing about a graveyard cake is that nothing has to be perfect, so if the fence comes out crooked, it creates an even more spooky effect.

The small tombstones are made from Milano cookies and iced in gray. The large tombstone is a graham cracker iced in gray as well. I sprayed the entire cake with black food coloring to give the dull, gray look. Colored icing and gel writers were used for the wording.

The ghosts, skeletons and cat on the fence were accessories I purchased from the cake store.

3 thoughts on “Creepy Homemade Graveyard Cake”

  1. I like the fence idea. I will be trying that in the next couple days. I am making a cake for a 6 year old and he wants a cemetery and skeletons.

  2. I first saw this on food network as a layer cake. The fence was made of white chocolate covered pretzels, with mini marshmallows on the end. While it was gorgeous and delicious, this single layer was a little easier to make and looked really “spooky” like a little mini graveyard.

    Both are just wonderful.


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