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Coolest Hawaiian Luau Tiki Cake

This entirely edible display was made for a Hawaiian Luau. The totem in the center is made of four six inch rounds stacked. I stacked the first two on the board, frosted and inserted 5 dowel rods to support the weight of the next two layers. I prepared a small cake board, stacked the next two layers and frosted. Then I stacked the last 2 on the first 2. I frosted all 4 layers together.

A fork was used to create the “wood” look in the frosting by just dragging the fork through the frosting vertically. I decided not to use a dowel through the center and regretted it as the cake ended up leaning. I’d highly suggest a dowel rod down the center of all layers into the base. I made a large batch of chocolate pound cake and probably 2 batches of chocolate butter cream. Fondant fun for the tiki faces. Just roll fondant out flat and use cookie cutters or freehand cut shapes.

For the dancing girls, a mini-wonder mold was used to make skirt shaped cupcakes. Bake in the mold, cut the top off so it’s smooth and invert for the skirt. The upper body, head, hair, bikini top and flowers are hand molded fondant. I molded the torso and stuck a lollipop stick in it. Then I rolled arms and stuck them on with water. I propped up their arms with small cookie cutters and allowed to “dry” a bit so they’d stick up.

After the upper body dried, I inserted into the upside down wonder mold “skirt.” If you don’t have a mini wonder mold pan I’d use a larger cupcake pan and cut off the tops. “Glue” the girls on the board with frosting and frost liberally with a grass tip for their skirts. I was originally going to make more dancing girls but I ran out of time. Also, I put extra frosting down around the tiki and sprinkled crushed graham crackers for sand. It was great fun to make.

Coolest Hawaiian Luau Tiki Cake

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