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Coolest Hello Colorful Kitty Cake

Hello! My name is Amy Cady and I am a very new in home baker. I have only been making cakes for clients for around 3 months now, and it actually happened by accident. I got into cake baking and decorating, because I wanted a way to use my artistic talents. For about a year and a half, I created cakes here and there exclusively for family or close friends. I created a Facebook page to show off some of my cakes I’d done over time and became an instant hit! I now have cakes on my schedule all the way up until December of this year and get more added all the time. I have a full time day job and 2 kids to care for. One day I would love to do cakes full time, but for now it’s a hobby that makes a little extra cash for me. Now that you know something about me, I will get on to the cake!

The cake I am submitting was done for a client who was doing a fun Hello Kitty themed birthday party for her daughter’s 2nd birthday. She saw another Hello Kitty cake I did on my Facebook page and fell in love with the design. She later decided she wanted the same basic design as my other cake only wanted the colors to match her specific theme. I decided to do all the bright fun colors of her theme with some Hello Kitty classic touches as well.

The hardest part of this cake was making the striped bow. I should have done it early and let it harden, but I am still learning many lessons as I go. My favorite part of this cake is the rainbow fondant balls in the rainbow ball border. If you look closely every 5th ball or so is actually completely marbled rainbow. This cake featured polka dots, cut out stars, a cute Hello Kitty face, and super bright colors.

The cake was just a classic French vanilla cake but the icing was a special vanilla butter cream. I started using Wilton’s recipe for butter cream icing, but have adapted it to suit my needs and preferences. I will share a secret…Mexican vanilla adds great flavor! I use it in place of regular vanilla or in combination with a regular vanilla. My customers love my icing. Hope you enjoy the cake!

side of cake

top view of cake

coordinating smash cake

closer up

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